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In all our years of association, SPAG Asia has consistently delivered on all its promises. Aman and his team is an enthusiastic bunch of professionals who have meticulously worked along and showcased great results. Their out of the box thinking and dedication shown towards PFCD goes far beyond our expectations. Through SPAG’s efforts, we have been able to initiate and conduct impactful discussions in the area of non communicable disease in India. SPAG’s extensive network and valuable media as well as government relations have helped promote our message to the rightful people. We value the team effort in helping us reach important milestones.

Kevin Walker,
Executive Director,
Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD)

SPAG has engaged with us at multiple levels using print, digital and in-person outreach that has resulted in multiple media exposures including upwards of 50 newspaper stories written about us, at least half a dozen video and television interviews aired on major news channels and dozens of in-person interactions with top-tier national and international media professionals. In the digital space, SPAG has very quickly built a major presence for us on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Blogspot. This has allowed us to efficiently integrate our digital presence with print and in-person outreach.

Together, SPAG’s broad communication and branding strategy has brought unprecedented exposure to Hilleman Laboratories, opening up new vistas for dialog, collaboration and partnerships with key stakeholders, thus raising our global profile to new heights.

n our experience, SPAG brings rapid and facile service to clients through well-coordinated efforts across their teams, raising the bar of quality on each occasion and not accepting status-quo. From junior level associates to senior level partners, the well-oiled SPAG machine works effortlessly to deliver high quality media and outreach services with the flair and flexibility only a top-notch organization can deliver.

Our experience with SPAG remains nothing short of stellar and we remain deeply obliged for the valuable partnership they have brought to us.

Dr. Davinder Gill,
Hilleman Laboratories

I’d like to thank SPAG Asia for their sterling work. They are thorough planners and have excellent coordination, which makes it a valuable experience to work with them. Their recommendations of new and useful ways to engage with the media HAVE added novelty to our work. The team is passionate and delivers on their promises; an asset one seeks in a PR agency.

Duncan Graham-Rowe,
Scientific Editor,
Content and Editorials, Communications